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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  June 10, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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there has been another deadly school shooting. happened in oregon. one person is dead and there are reports of injuries. we welcome our viewers watching us around the country. >> >>
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>> one that i had hoped would never have to be part of my experience. as we're able to get more information the district will provide that to the public. >> we will have a press release later as a get more information. >> so that you have information as we get it and they're able to release it.
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we'll also be doing further releases throughout the day. i understanding they're still investigating the school. the situation is contained the shooter is deceased. we will pushout information through the shooting. news releases that would develop as a get more information in more details become available as we figure out what occurred and what went on. mr. moving students out of the school. we're continuing to work towards that and get them out. to would village parking lot there will be able to pick up their students there.
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>> cannot confirm any details on what was used a weapon or anything like that. you have that information later today. >> opposite developing story here. what we never hear shooting. >> more information develops. we're falling another developing story here in chicago. >> prosecutors allege smith accepted what he thought was a $7,000 kickback. >> defense attorneys claim the fbi informant made undercover recordings used in the trial manipulated both smith and the fbi. we will have the
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latest information and the verdict just as soon as it becomes available. downtown business owners say construction closures on the expressway or putting the brakes on the week and tourism. >> more on just how these closures will affect businesses as well as drivers. >> transportation officials earlier stressed the dire warning. >> today on knight transportation secretary anne snyder was joined by transit and retail leaders. >> getting into town is highly discouraged. it is all to accommodate the demolition of the 55 rolled
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ontario street bridge. removal of three massive sections requires the closures due to logistics'. it begins this friday with the weekend work slated to end by 5:00 a.m. on each of the following monday's. when a tank entry into the city. >> i think it is really important for us to get as much as the traffic on to other routes or onto mass transit. >> ways to plan and get around. mass-
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transit is highly encouraged along with alternate routes. >> a popular blues fest. usc graduation into major arts fares. >> the quarter of a million vehicles use the kennedy everyday stuff for you we have posted the details about the closures. live at the facility on the south side. the western belmont fiat doctor will be torn down next year.
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>> >> looking for prole suspected in a home invasion. >> >> offering $5,000 award. for people are getting. there were brought an overnight not long after police were called to fire. but a home and destroyed two cars.
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>> cheif keef is being ejected from his home. >> moving up based on a neutral agreement. >> in order for forcible entry. >> costa complaints about noise. some city employees and have to lear >> he says he will postpone the first property tax hike to one year. >> still criticizing
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the mayor and governor for what they consider stealing. coming up later in an interview the killer clinton is looking at her role in the dickenand gauzy scandal. dickenand gauzy scandal. >>e.
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mereh x
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police chief says the american troops were returned to their bases after a security operation yesterday. when they were ambushed by insurgents. the police chief says the troops were mistakenly bombed an air support was called in to fend off the attacks. the pentagon is investigating if confirmed would be one of the deadliest incidents. dennis couple shot and killed two police officers and another person apparently viewed law- enforcement as oppressors. authorities are learning more as they're poring over the couple's social be opposed. the kill
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the officers of their eating lunch. placed a swastika and the don't tread on me flat on one of the victims' bodies. the put in doubt on the other officers body which read this is the beginning of the revolution. investigators say they think the couple equated their from lafayette indiana. former neighbors him and seemed present but jerry miller kept weapons in his apartment. the couple moved to vegas in january. >> son says the
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millers were kicked off the ranch after being they're just a few days. >> and years of captivity in afghanistan might have left a psychologically unstable. u.s. officials say his declining health was the reason he traded five caliban members for him. so far he has just been treated for minor skin conditions. doctors say they're working on a psychological issues. the terrorist group that kidnapped more than 200 school girls in nigeria has a portly adopted at least 20 more within.
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residents say the nigerian military is not anything to prevent attacks from the militants. hostile crowds greeting the crew of the ferry that capsized and sank killing nearly 300 people as they go on trial. families and others were heard yelling and screaming. accused of causing the death of the passengers. many of them school children. 292 people confirmed dead. >> major overhaul. united airlines exchange is how they calculate miles for frequent-flier is. we're grilling today. herewith some simple recipes to today. herewith some simple recipes to
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the faa has approved the use of commercial drums to fly over land. the federal aviation minister shall allow pipelines to use a drill to survey pipelines roads and equipment. the area is home to the largest oil field in the united states. industry is urging faster approval. >> >> until now the faa has only approved the use of drums for public safety. hillary clinton is coming back to chicago to headline some of events. to mar his schedule to take part in ideas week. clasclass and is out with a book. in an interview with diane sawyer, and says she takes responsibility for the attack on the u.s. embassy in bangkok as the libya that killed four americans. she says she was not responsible for security at the
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compound. >> there was a black folack of appreciation. >> gave very direct instructions that the people to have the expertise and experience and security. that is personal. >> i'm not equipped to sit and look blueprints to determine where the blast walls need to be. that is why we hire people who have that expertise. stuns not decided whether to run for president in 2016. >> donald sterling has reportedly changed his mind again. his attorney says his client is withdrawing support for the sale of the l.a. clippers. the deal was negotiated
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by sterling's life. also said to be filing a $1 billion lawsuit against the nba over the unwillingness to lift a lifetime ban against them. >> the bulls taking a bit of a breed of todabreather today. >> the dallas down just about 24 points. united airlines announces major changes. >> leaving the work
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to michigan. a distribution facility will be shut down. >> that is a subsidiary. home repossessions are up 04 closures are down. the group real to track says more than a thousand homes became bank owned. >> it was the third straight month there repossessions topped 1000. that is down by 1100. foreclosure activity is down 44%. >> connection between eye color and pain perception.
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>> live from the courthouse to bring >> live from the courthouse to bring
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it was. going the distance to save you more. now, that's progressive. back below 500 after getting swept over the weekend. still of a good chance to gain ground. stocks up one run in the fifth. a man on for jose a breyer.
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>> it's one depot off the left-field wall. they hold on to win 6-5 and improved to three and half games out. giving us a chance to win. he has been great. the changes for him has really been a factor that has got him to this point. the more he pitches he's able to throw it more often in different towns. the cup starting a 10 game road trip. the national league mvp to run home run to the opposite field. his eighth of the season. doubles
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down the line. he went through for four with two rbis. the cubs lose 6-2. they fall 10-22 on the road. >> on stopple between the pipes. making 32 saves for his second shutout of the playoffs. the kings win 3-0. that is a look at sports. it warm up yoco
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the food and drug and ministration will release new guidelines and infant formula. companies will be required to test for salmonella and other bacteria that can cause children to get really sick. manufacturers will have to prove their formula supports normal physical growth. they'll have to be in full compliance with the new rules by september. >> they may be making some people lazy. a new study finds older men are less likely to exit front regular iexercise regular. this it is a fairly serious concern the fed is doing something that makes people less likely to exercise. the color of her eye as it may affect the way you cope with pain. scientists at the university of pittsburgh report caucasian women with
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a light-colored eyes taller a pain and distress better than people with brown or his lawyers. study of 58 pregnant women from those with light- colored eyes came to experience less pain. the women with light-colored eyes also suffered less anxiety the lower rates of depression. fewer negative thoughts. a genetic link seems likely. >> an update on a breaking story. found guilty on all counts in his corruption trial. a report coming up in just a few minutes. al is learn something from the medical reports. it is stunning. it is going to rain. it actually are a little short- covering for around the area. has not been a bad growing season at all. more
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on that coming up. look at our beautiful skyline. took this picture from indiana. snap shot of the new buffalo harbor at sunset. i thought it was kind of interesting. the sentence a beautiful sunset from illinois. a gorgeous shot right there. with this. she said she found this next. she says the robins are very careful about looking at letting her come out. this is a beautiful shot right here. we will show it to you later. anyway let's continue to move along here. we of cloud cover in the area. probably been raining and your neighborhood. if it hasn't it will be soon. weather system spreads up from the south. this weather
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system has a history of some rather substantial rainfall. but is just up over half the amount. 1.10 in. is normal. the growing season to date has had the low normal over the normal amount of rent. the crops are in. the gardens are in. we always like to see shower's keeping them going. will not hit those temperatures today. in fact he conceded to the center of the country rather subdued temperature is james. it is quite warm on to the west. phoenix already had 92. really hot up there. you can see the warm weather extends
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northward into canada. 69 that midway. temperatures down from yesterday and in some cases almost 10 degrees. here is the view from portland park. little sprinkles coming down wetting the pavement. you can see that looking down from the edge walker neighborhood up north. here's another shot at crystal lake. pretty uniformly crotty. about an inch of rain has fallen already in indiana. over half an inch. that is the rain that is northbound.
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this weather system really gives us a pretty nice at a presentation. indicating there is a well developed circulation. here comes the rain aliments in our area. ucla a kind of clustered up. their holes in it and other places. that is kind of how the rate is going to come down here. huge amounts of rain out in kansas. not all that noise. those folks have been very dry. look at some of these ryan numbers. rain numbers. over 3 in. of rain. this thing as a history. pretty prolific rains. we may get about two-thirds of an inch of rain. the actual amount will vary widely from
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1700's in areas less affected by the rain. a serious and seymour. here's our complice. the showers come with that. this is the forecast by tomorrow evening. still in some scattered showers. a cold front comes through. this is high pressure that will drop temperatures and turn wind northerly on friday. the warm-up begins and we have rather healthy temperatures forecast for father's day and into next week. there is at midnight tonight. that is tomorrow evening when the showers will have scattered across the area. some pretty impressive numbers. this model may be running a bit hot. thunder storm watches and those areas on the east flank of the storm, of course our interest is in the temperatures which will start in the
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'60s and watch as the day goes on. the wind blows off the lake. tomorrow we will hit some '70s and and. it is on thursday that we may jump up into the '80s. an egyptian oriented self like this this is a dome of warm air of fathers did. temperatures will be sailing up into the '80s. you enter summer weather warm and muggy. we see that towards the end of the seven day. and iwe have causing showers developing. tonight there will be some showers. will continue on wednesday. a cooler there. hide tomorrow
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of 70. partly sunny with afternoon thunderstorms. we have a couple more photos. that is from nancy. out in illinois. there is the last one. i thought this was kind of cool. moved up to sacramento california from chicago to years ago. that heat wave out in california. i wonder if i could fry an egg. that is an end. it does not look very appetizing. the idea is it is taking and maybe we should keep that in mind when we
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walked outside. opusculum re is picture charleston raising his rod in the 10 commandments and the rays of sunlight coming through the clouds. those are a crepuscular rays. that is what they are. they're awfully pretty. see ya later does.
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some simple ideas for father's day. here with us today. not exactly grilling weather. on father's day he says it is going to be potato salad recipe. >> my grandfather had the best potato salad and my grandfatheand grandmother had the best potato salad recipe in my grandfather was a grown master. >> girl to take the
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salad. let's get started. it is super easy. want to make sure you're using the katishia to hold up to the boiling and curling process. >> the size of these seems real nice. we're used to having the dice the potato salad. a little difference to it. these have been grilled. i like a little crunch. that is an inconsistency. what i like to do, using a little bit of yogurt and a little bit of mandamus. that is a
12:48 pm
good idea. >> look at you. that is great. helping dad with his heart. we want to be around again the yogurt is going to cut some of the fat. a little bit of the sweetness. i like some roasted red peppers. it adds a nice color. of course we have to have our salary. >> kind of star that up and mix it together. very simple and very easy. works really well with the flavor of the food. too
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many hot sauce is just burn your mouth off. this one is perfect. i had a little bit of fresh herbs. it just comes together nicely. we are good with it. we are still keeping it healthy. i love the idea. what a wonderful concept. i know and isd by burglaries to take our burger to the grill. used to be done. we want to keep it innovative. i tell people tried different kinds of meat and when you are working with your burger. just a
12:50 pm
regular beef burger here which is really good. i used in 8020 blende. this one right here is also. i am using a vegan vegetarian option. we want to give options to people who did not eat meat. >> a roasted garlic and team what burger. gun to be working with morningstar ended june 21st. >> that is perfect thank you so much. some great ideas. if you want to learn more about his hot sauce cut to his website or check him out on twitter. we'll have today's recipe for this great growth potential salad. you can also see the creativity as well. >> a guilty verdict in the bribery trial of the state rep in the bribery trial of the state rep derek smith.
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mereh x
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live at the federal building with the story. a unanimous verdict. state rep derek smith thought he was taking his $7,000 cash bribe from a day care but in actuality he had become ensnared in an fbi sting operation. derek smith and his defense team had hoped to avoid a conviction. the tried to discredit the fbi informant who were the wire recording secret
12:54 pm
conversation defense lawyers pointed to the informants' felony conviction arguing that he had manipulated both investigators and derek smith essentially and trapping the state legislator. prosecutors painted a very different picture saying that he betrayed the public trust. does not absolve him of taking the money. after getting arrested the reportedly admitted that they had messed up. after the guilty verdict came down and briefly talk to reporters. >> gave it the good fight. god knows the truth. the jurors did not see what god saw. we are ok. >> also adding that he does not know who was behind it. does not know why he was targeted. use just
12:55 pm
trying to do the people's business. box more to come on this. for now we are live at the dirksen this. for now we are live at the dirksen center.
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it is definitely chilly out there. it is going to warm up. you're absolutely right. and fathers they will be a whole different ball game. we do have some rain in the area. easterly wind off the lake is what you're feeling out there. a little wet here. but 67 hundredths of an inch.
12:58 pm
>> you know that record warmth out in the west. that he out there is going to shift eastward. here's the pattern is the don't sent to president and our area deflecting the rain organizing jet stream of to the list of us. here's a different portrayal. kind of a mild pattern. not warm. tears friday with a little bit of cooling. here's the weekend. you will see all the colors warm up here. >> that will keep coming. it has been fairly dry. or some
12:59 pm
of the crops and. 72 is our forecast tomorrow. a thunderstorm in the dead. car listening until then. humidity's rise sunday. even 91 on tuesday. riminal justice system
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the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. these are their stories. man: this is us on the south rim. that's where you start from. you see the other side? yeah. right behind your thumb. very funny. anyway. it's five miles across. this is halfway down. and this is us at the phantom ranch right at the bottom of the canyon. you can't tell, but it's one mile straight down-- a fantastic view. you could tell me they had keanu reeves naked there you'd never get me to sit ten hours on a mule. officer! please. i need your help. it's my daughter. she's gone. calm down... she's just a baby. somebody stole my baby. emily's three months old. she can't do anything herself. you carry her picture? no. my wife but she's at the doctor's office.


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